We produce Cubes and Sphere Ice Cubes for Cocktail Glasses and Scotch Glasses.

We are Australia’s largest manufacturer of these items and can supply any quantity required for your business.

Artistic Ice is HACCP certified which means that all our products are of Food Grade Standards which gives our customers peace and mind knowing that their customers are in safe hands when using our products.

You can remain confident that when you use our clear Ice spheres and Cubes for your drinks that the drink will not be watered down as fast as when ordinary ice is used.

The Sphere Ice Cubes come in a 50mm and 75mm diameter size.

And the Cubes can come in various sizes starting from 40mm x 40mm square.

To find out about pricing and to confirm if your requested sizes can be made please contact us.

You will find some pictures below of what these specialty items look like.


50mm Sphere Ice Ball
50mm Ice Sphere
50mm Sphere Ice Ball in Bourbon
50mm Ice Sphere with Whisky
ice sphere
50mm Ice Sphere
ice cubes
Ice Cubes and Oblongs